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  • Foguete: revisão histórica e impactos na sociedade 

    Silva, Sanderson dos Santos; (Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do NorteBrasilCaicóIFRN, 2022-05-30)
    This work presents a historical review about the evolution of rockets, from the primitive rockets used by the Chinese in the beginning of the thirteenth century to the modern rockets built in the last decade, showing the ...
  • Escalonamento de tarefas em grid no cenário de TV digital interativa 

    Dantas, Carlos Fran Ferreira; (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do NorteBrasilApodiIFRN, 2011-01-20)
    The popularization of mobile devices and advances in the development wireless technologies and Grid Computing, has motivate the use of these devices for distributed computing. Grids appear as a low cost solution to provide ...

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